The Scene Aesthetic - Red Rover

It's about time to take a chance and let myself slip through.
It's been a while since I've felt like this.
Did it happen to you?
We've come along way since I saw you sitting in that living room.
You rolled your eyes at me and that is fine because we finally broke through.
It's always the same with the games that we play where the boys chase the girls and the girls run away; but you never went running, I'm surprised that you stayed with me.
I'll continue to keep saying the things that I say and we'll continue to keep playing the games that we play.
And maybe just this once, we'll work it out.
You're not alone; confide in me with anything your heart may need, I am always here for you.
We've come across a lot of things throughout our lives, but you will see that I will always follow through.
Don't ever worry.
You are never alone in this.


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