Edward Maya

  • Stero Love (feat. Edward Maya) - Mia Martina When you're gonna stop breaking my heart I don't wanna be another one Paying for the things I never done Don't let go Don't let go To my love Can I get to your soul? Can you get to my thought? Can we promise we won't let go? All the things that I need
  • Desert Rain (feat. Edward Maya) - Vika Jigulina I miss you so much, now call again Come come tonight, just hold me tight This desert rain, you are my guiding light. We, we were lost this, walk of pain I miss you so much now I call again Come, come tonight, just hold me tight From this desert rain, you are
  • This Is My Life (Feat. Edward Maya) - Vika Jigulina I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming out loud I'm searching the missing part of my heart Uuuuu uuuu uuuu,you catch me every time i fall When i look into your eyes I just know you tell me lies This, this is my life I'm looking for you searching love in your eyes Th
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